Why Stay Stuck If You Really Want

To Break Through To The Next Level

Business owners and entrepreneurs

intend to achieve every goal they set

But 95% Never Get There

Can your business really survive nevermind grow on an idea, good intentions, and desire?

95% of all businesses still think they can – which is why they don’t achieve goals OR survive.

If you are honest about why you are in business and why you are willing to work so hard; it’s more than your vision, mission, purpose or passion. Business is about profits and value; your primary objective is to have a viable, thriving business which you can scale or sell on your terms. Breakthrough Enterprise helps businesses join the 5% who achieve every goal they set.

To Improve Your Results and Break Through To Achieve Your Goals, You Must:
  • Align desire with action
  • Establish a strong foundation for your business to grow into
  • Get control, increase profits, free up time
  • Develop  tools and mastery in three areas: mindset, skill set and business knowledge that deliver massive results
  • Build systems, structure, strategies to get more done in less time
  • Surround yourself with a team of strategic experts focused on your ultimate goal and the exit strategy to achieve it

Breakthrough Enterprise’s mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs to establish a strong foundation, catapult their business to the next level, achieve breakthrough results, and prepare for their optimum exit strategy.

If you are ready to implement systems, strategy and structure to catapult your business to the next level now, your business may be a candidate for our 4 step Goal Achievement Guaranteed program.

This is how you refine your business
to provide your ultimate value in the marketplace,
lock out competitors, and maximize the value of your business;
whether you want to scale it or sell it.

When you implement this elegant
4-Step System for goal achievement,
your business can deliver the legacy and
lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Kerri Salls Goal Achievement/ Exit Strategist

It’s your time. Break through now.

If there is anything we can do to help you achieve the success you want and deserve from your business, by breaking through to achieve big bold goals implementing your exit strategy, and showing you how you can do that, please let us know.



Clients Say

Kerri, you’ve given me better tools to do what I love to do.

All I can keep telling everyone is that going through the
[this program] is freeing. It’s so big. It’s so simple
and it’s so big. It was far more valuable than I ever expected.

I will save more time in the next 30 days from just one tip in
the first 4 hours module of this program.

That one tip will save me 40 hours/month every month.

I love these systems.

You helped me with my process in my office and in my whole
business. Nobody does this.

I am definitely feeling more productive these days!

Kerri takes the time to actually listen to your current situation,
where you want to take your business, and then works with
you to help you get there at your speed, your comfort level,
and adopt those things that make you feel confident when
implementing new ideas.

This program over the past twelve months has been invaluable.
This well organized road map for getting my business to the
next level is both inspiring and challenging, and, most
importantly, it works. With Kerri’s help, I am devoting
the time required to working “on my business” rather than
“in my business” to meet my goals and objectives.

Kerri is full of great ideas that can be tailored to any business.
She excels at finding the best way to implement a variety of
techniques to each individual need, while providing a fresh,
objective perspective on common problems.

Kerri has been outstanding as a highly skilled, organized
decisive problem-solver who designs and implements
business strategies and organizational structures that
achieve our desired outcomes. We could not have launched
the company without her. … Drawing upon her broad experience
in management of high-growth entrepreneurial companies,
Kerri continues to provide results oriented strategies to ensure
our new product introductions succeed.

I worked with her for over a year while getting my small business
started. I found her approach motivating and she kept me accountable.
People call her the “Business Accelerator” but I think her specialty
is more obstacle mover. She doesn’t move the obstacles for you,
rather she gives you the tools so you can get the obstacles
out of your own way – even if the biggest obstacle is yourself!
I would recommend Kerri to anyone with a growing business
positioning themselves for lasting strength and success.


MBA Strategist Kerri Salls is an acclaimed presenter widely considered one of the premier leaders on business goal achievement, who supports and trains client companies around the globe to achieve their goals.

Kerri started her career in the Peace Corps in West Africa, and then spent a decade accumulating multi-million dollar corporate achievements before launching her first business in 1988.

Kerri is adamant about changing the statistic where 95% of all businesses fail and close within 5 years. Her goal is to help one million entrepreneurs break through that wall.

Kerri’s unique holistic approach helps entrepreneurs establish a strong foundation, catapult their business to the next level and achieve breakthrough results. Partnering with the CEO as their most trusted advisor, she helps hyper-growth companies prepare for and achieve their optimum exit strategy whether it’s to scale or sell the business.

Owners gravitate to New England’s best kept secret to solidify their mindset, skill set and sound business knowledge through Kerri’s unparalleled 4 step program (Plan –>Systematize –> Leverage–>Achieve) to ensure their optimum exit.