3 Systems to Automate Business Operations

Even though you are most likely not a manufacturer or a volume distributor of physical products, there is an operations side to your business.
On the operations side, you want to automate as much as you can to free up your time. Spending extra time on operations when you are the business owner, does not make you any more money. So why would you want to?
Therefore, here are 3 no-cost automation systems for your business operations.
  1. Set Up Processes for everything (using Outlook, Billing cycles, invoices, reports, tracking, Follow-up Services – everything)
  2. Document and Delegate every repeatable Operation (from shipping product, to hiring, PR distribution)
  3. Create Your Operations Manual –  I know that most of this is in your head already. But it is also a ball and chain, limiting how much more you can be doing to make more money and grow the business. Set up your operations manual to spell out everything for:
    • Administration
    • Bookkeeping/Accounting
    • Prospecting/tracking/follow-up
    • Staff management
Kerri Salls
Breakthrough Enterprise

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